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The below are Bbcodes, you can make use of them in forum to make your posts look better and good.

- This WCODE make bold text

- This WCODE make underlined text

- This WCODE make italic text

- This WCODE make big text

- This WCODE make small text

- This WCODE change text color (example: [color=red]This is red color[/color] or [color=#FF0000]This is also red color[/color]

- This WCODE change background color of text

-This WCODE createlink

- This WCODE create link with custom name

- This WCODE create image from link (There is no maximal size of image)

- This WCODE set text on new line

- This WCODE adding input tag under text bounded in [code] wcode, which contains given code (many phones support copy/paste function from formulars). TIP: Create CSS class with name wcode to make own style for [code] wcode

- This WCODE creating link ( other user options: icon, image instead of name, colored name,...) from selected registered user name

-this wcode reffer to user, example, you that is reading this you will be referred to your name

-This WCODE creating quoted text,Also format [quote=USERNAME]...[/quote] can be used. TIP: Create CSS class with name quote to make own style for [quote] wcode

-This wcode opens big textarea collum... You can input wml/html codes inside it

- this wcode open small textarea... You can also input wml/html code inside it

-this wcode make text in option mode, example

-this wcode hide text.. Tips, you can only click on quote to view the hidden text

- this wcode make text appear on button, example,

-this wcode also make text appear on button, example

-this wcode forms clickable image attached with your text, example

- This WCODE make blink text

-This WCODE make marquee text

- This WCODE create link to selected theme (theme ID) in current forum

- This WCODE generate file link from file manager (set file code for each file in your file manager)

- This WCODE generate image from file manager (set file code for each file in your file manager; only for jpg,gif,png files)

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