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Amaya Episode 69 Update on Sunday 24th September 2017



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Amaya tells Dolores about her relationship with Max but she advises her to stay away from the Montesinos because she looks very afraid of them but Amaya says she still loves him and wont base on what happens in the past to quit her love with him. She knows Mauro will accept but with Lucrecia she doubts that she will accept her as her daughter in law but Amaya says, Lucrecia has no choice but Dolores says Lucrecia will never accept her and will make sure that she ruins her life the same way that she ruined her (Amaya) mother’s life and Amaya wants to know what Lucrecia did to her mum and Dolores says he knows Lucrecia only hated her mum and so she asks her that before he formalize her relationship with Max, she has to investigate into what actually happened to her mum and dad by may be seeing a psychologist to try remembering the person who was following her and her mum on the road when they ended into the river and Amaya promises to do so.
Amaya wants to know if she wants her to investigate because she presumes her parents’ accident wasn’t an accident but a planned thing? Dolores thinks so and even can predict that a Montesino had a hand in their accident specifically Lucrecia because she became very jealous about her mum when she knew Mauro was deeply in love with her. That is why she is pleading with her to not make any hasty decisions with Max but investigate first and if she becomes sure that a Montesino had no hand in their death then she can go ahead with marrying Max but Amaya looks very confused that Lucrecia could think the worse about Lucrecia.
Mauro discusses with Lucrecia’s fake doctor and she tells him that his son isn’t comfortable with him so he would want to give him a new doctor but this doctor says he wouldn’t recommend that to him though the decision is his but the fact is Lucia not feeling comfortable with him is one of the crises and not anything serious.

In the same vein, Juliana, Eloisa, Lucio and Alan are enjoying their company and through their conversation, the grownups detect from the kids conversation that his so called doctor always attends to him only to play with his phone and asks Lucio to do whatever he pleases with his time until the time is over and he goes home witout any therapy. They then see it a bit weird. This makes them search through the internet to know more about this so called Dr. Oliva Lieda but they discovered that he died a long time due to stroke and he was an Argentinian but this is the case Lucrecia’s so called doctor bearing same name with same qualifications isn’t an Argentinian and that means that that doctor is a made believed something who Lucrecia fooled the whole family with that fraudster and an imposter of a doctor. But they can’t conclude yet until they discover if Lucrecia truly know or doesn’t know who that man is before they reveal that to the family.
Max, Jorge, Amaya and Carolina goes to have a shoot for the 3 in 1 campaign and they coincidentally bump into Constanza and Salvador and Constanza confronts Max for making her seem to be the awful person when rather he is also with Amaya and which is something she heard about but Amaya also give it back to her that she is not going to deny her feelings for Max because that has been there ever since she saw Max but gave him up when she heard that he was engaged to her and Max says she can choose to believe Amaya or not and Constanza says now he sees Max doesn’t care about her because his betray says it all but she thanks her stars that Salvador loves her very much and he’s willing to give her all that Max couldn’t give her and that h=she is sure Max can’t be able to give Amaya either and that is faithfulness.
Cesar helps his mum Lucrecia with a substance she says she is going to use to keep Juliana in a depressed state forever and by so doing they can manipulate her as long as they can.
At the table of men, Max and Jorge begins to talk about their feelings for their partner and Jorge says his is not like Max and Amaya’s because though he likes Carolina, he is not much into her as he (Max) is with Amaya thus the passion, the intensity but he wishes that it still goes well since they only begun the relationship not long ago. Meanwhile Carolina rather thinks she is very much into Jorge and that he loves her very much and so does she.
Juliana and her son are now set to move out of Italy to live in Mexico for life and seriously she misses her husband very much.
Constanza is now sure of her love for Salvador and so she decides to allow herself carry away so they can have a romantic time together and they looked so compatible at that moment.
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