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[Must Read] 7 Reasons Why Men Like Women With Curves



14.06 14:57
Near-Nigeria (Opera Mini 4.5)
It’s a fact that African men have always loved women with a bit of flesh. Same cannot be said of Caucasian men of old but the story seems to be changing as more and more men seem to be more comfortable with women that are curvy.
There are a lot of reasons to love curvy women over skinny ones as a lot of slim girls lack essential factors inherent in curvy ones. These factors range from fertility to beauty and they are the things most men look out for. For this reason, we bring to you 7 of the most audacious factors that make men crave curvy girls over skinny ones.
1. Bigger bosoms
A whole lot of guys out there are crazy about boobs and they make this much known. Boobs are actually one of the great endowments curvy women have over the skinny ones. We do not mind if such women have a few extra pounds down the middle provided they make up for it with good looks. Curvy girls should take advantage of this and get the guys to drool over them.

2. They’re Softer
Skinny women have a harder body while curvy women are the exact opposite with softer bodies. Men naturally enjoy being the hard ones while a tender and soft body snuggles up to them. Fleshy girls are good to hold and snuggle up to even as the sex is more interesting.

3. No Bruised Thighs When you’re with a girl that has curves, you’re guaranteed to get away with no bruising after sex. A skinny girl will probably give you sores and bruises around your thighs and groin while a softer body with more flesh would give you an entirely different experience.
4. They Look Younger Girls that have the right curves in the right places are much younger than their skinnier counterparts. That little extra fat helps smoothen out wrinkles and gives them a healthier skin. This takes off some years from their age and makes them look younger.

5. It’s a Sign of Fertility The subconscious part of every man likes curvy women. For centuries, fertility has been associated with big bosoms and wide hips, thus making curvy women a better biological mate than others.

6. They’re Not Afraid to Get a Little Rough It is easier for men to get rough with curvy women than it is with skinny women. This is because curvy women are not seen as delicate or “breakable” as their counterparts and as such, a little bit of rough sex comes up more often with them than others.

7. They Are Less “Tomboyish” and “child-like” A whole lot of guys see skinny girls as tomboys and immature. The curves on a female are viewed with a more mature and motherly look unlike the non existing ones on the skinny ones. Some other guys view skinny girls as immature and think of dating them more as dating a fellow guy. A lot don’t enjoy this feeling.
However, bear in mind that some guys do actually prefer dating skinny women but there are also lots of guys out there who would rather be with curvy women. African men and Greek men prefer women with curves as opposed to some. The point is that irrespective of how you look or weigh, there are always people out there who are attracted to your person.
It is important to appreciate your body just the way it is.

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1.09 06:29
Near-Russian Federation (Chrome 41.0)
Еще с давних времен русский мужик славится своей страстью к отдыху в бане. Это именно то место, в котором можно полноценно расслабиться и поправить здоровье. Современные технологии и их развитие дают возможность делать это в частном порядке, не тратя при этом большие суммы денег. Частные бани из бруса являются тому подтверждением, так как воплощают в себе высокое качество, надежность и вполне оправданную цену.
Дома и бани из бруса уже давно стали очень популярными среди тех людей, которые ценят полноценный отдых и мечтают сохранить здоровье до старости. Их преимуществами стоит назвать:
- высокое качество материала, тщательно отобранных бревен;
- долговечность и надежность;
- буквально «дышащая» структура поверхности;
- адекватная стоимость;
- использование при любых температурных режимах.
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17.10 09:52
Near-Kazakhstan (Chrome 41.0)
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6.01 10:18
Near-Russian Federation (Opera Mini 7.5)
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9.12 05:12
Near-Ukraine (Chrome 48.0)
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