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Top 11 Android Apps used By Android Smartphone Users in Nigeria For 2016



17.12 12:02
Near-Nigeria (Opera Mini 7.5)
Today I would be writing about the list of the Top Android Apps used mainly by Nigerian's for the year 2016. The Popular applications that can be found on most Nigerians Android Smartphones.

It is no news that Android Smartphones is dominating Nigeria’s mobile market, gone are the days when people stick to using symbain or Java phones for their day to day activities,, Let's dive back to the main business.

Here is the list of the 10 most installed and used android applications 0r I say 10 top android apps in Nigeria:

1.) Facebook :- This application is used by virtually every android users, there is no doubt that everyone in Nigeria with internet access above 13 years owns a Facebook account. The Mobile Application is pre-installed on some new android phones available which reduces the stress of downloading it from the internet, the app is monitored by reliable Facebook team and updated if any bug is found in it.

2.) WhatsApp :- Tell me you don’t have WhatsApp on your android phone right now tgen I will tell you that you are really missing something, I have made some
research concerning WhatsApp in recent years and I noticed that most of the android users if not all have WhatsApp on their phone and the reason is the flexibility of WhatsApp to receive message even when you are not connected online to it.Even when your connection is not switched on,the message will be in queue until you switch on your internet connection then you will receive the incoming message notification. WhatsApp is growing to the
stage that it will soon take over the local messaging [SMS] and it now has a calling feature installed on the newer versions which gives you the avenue to call your contacts on WhatsApp or simply make a video call when you mobile phone has internet connection. If am not exagerating,mostly all business in Nigeria is depending mostly on WhatsApp.

3.) Flashshare/Xender :- Gone are the days when you have to wait for many hours to transfer huge file from one phone to another.With the introduction of Flashshare/Xender app, file sharing is done pretty fast making it becoming a must have app for any android user because of its superspeed nature of transferring files with the use of Wireless connection termed as "WI-FI".

4.) Subway Surfers :- Well not everyone likes this game but am going to say I have seen this game on many android phones and it’s also called an endless run race which eases depression.Subway surfers is one of the popular game out there that increases the desire to get more coins and keep getting
High scores.

5.) Instagram :- Well so many people would say why is Instagram appearing before twitter on the
list, well its due to the fact that recent stats shows that people enjoys more time while on Instagram than twitter and right now, Instagram is killing the social aspect.

6. Gmail :-I should have added this application as the second on the list because it is pre-installed on any android phone but why I did not put it earlier on is because people
do not use Gmail very well as they do with WhatsApp which is tagged "instant messaging app". Gmail helps you to read incoming mails on your mobile phone and aides with the ability to reply the message with
attachments if necessary.

7.) Candy Crush :- At first I thought this game was made for girls no until I saw my male friends playing it and were enjoying the fun in it then I also downloaded the game and I can say the game is nice and pretty easy if you know how to play it.

8. Operamini:- I am one of those that cannot do without day without opening my operamini.The app helps you to visit so many web pages on their servers, save bookmarks, download files, save web pages for offline reading, and it remembers the user's browsing history.

9.) Uc Browser :- Am sure most Nigeria adroid users have this app installed on their device.Though it perform the same function as opera mini, but it helps a great deal when downloading files from the internet due to the speed mode embedded in it.
10.) DU Speed Booster:- most Nigerains use this app as it helps in optimizing their phone to be fast,avoid freezing and helps in clearing junk and ached files.
11.) Twitter:- Yeah! Twitter made my list and one thing I love about twitter is the matured hashtag present in it, the ability to
forward a message to a particular reader using the hashtag, example #TechWorld.
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